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The RAPTOR is an alternative to the Reaper2 with many of the same attributes. The most noticeable difference is that it has a fixed height. This allows it to be used in different applications such as rough worked ground and narrow row spacing. With alternating 18" setbacks, the RAPTOR units can be placed side-by-side on a single bar. Another distinguishable difference is the smaller row cleaner that has a pulled design style. It too has adjustable air down pressure.


The RAPTOR uses the same unique efficient shank as the REAPER2 with its easily replaceable wear points, long-wearing dry fertilzer boot and integrated liquid tube. As in the REAPER2, the depth of the shank is easily moved up and down with a rack and pinion design. Additional components include a spring loaded center coulter, spring loaded blow-out preventers, row cleaners, rear closing wheels and firming/crumbling wheel. The RAPTOR can be equipped as a complete strip till unit or a simple applicator with just a shank. Any combination of components can be used.