Shop Location:
129 East 3rd Ave

Clifton Il 60927

Shop Phone: (815) 694 3141

Cell: (815) 252 2622


Billing Address:

841 E 3000 N Road

Clifton, Il 60927

About Lyn Rosenboom

Lyn Rosenboom’s ties to agriculture began on the family farm in Clifton, IL. Upon graduation from high school, Lyn took on a larger role in farming and eventually took over management of the operation. It was while working on the farm that he began to develop a passion for figuring out better ways of doing things. His first major undertaking, a planter system on tracks, eventually transitioned into the manufacturing and marketing of the Landluvr track undercarriage system.


In 2010, after more than 10 years perfecting the design, Lyn sold the Landluvr track business to a multinational corporation. Lyn is a firm believer in the ideology of strip till and brings his passion for increasing efficiency and functionality of design to this new venture.